Double murder suspect captured in Selmer; spotted walking around naked

SELMER, Tenn —  Casey Lowery, 36, is suspected of killing two people and injuring a third in St. Louis, Thursday morning. He was spotted in Selmer just before 8 p.m., Thursday. Police said the man was walking around naked. Officers in St. Louis County had already issued a warrant for his arrest on a count of first degree murder.

Sgt. Shawn McGuire with the St. Louis County Police Department  said “When somebody’s armed and dangerous and has possibly killed 3 people in one day and on the move you just don’t know what their intentions are the rest of the way.

Sgt. Shawn McGuire said Lowery shot and killed 28-year-old Andre Jones.

“Suspect’s vehicle started shooting at the victim’s vehicle while in the parking lot of the gas station and then after the shooting both cars drove off.” Sgt. McGuire said.

McGuire said Lowery’s crime spree spread into the city of St. Louis.

“He killed at least 1 person and the other person may not survive so it might be a double murder that he did in the city before he did our shooting in the county,” said Sgt. McGuire.

According to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, 29-year-old Keiva Jones sustained a gunshot wound to the head and was pronounced deceased at the hospital. The other victim is a 52-year-old male, who sustained a gunshot wound to the head and was listed in critical/unstable condition.

Lowery was arrested after a scuffle with Selmer officers, that involved him being tased, under an overpass near West Cherry Ave. He faces counts of indecent exposure and resisting arrest in this incident.

According to the police report, Lowery made statements that were not making any sense which led officers to believe he was either having an emotional episode, or under the influence of drugs. Residents in the area said they are just glad Lowery is behind bars.

“Makes me feel a lot better with a wife and child in the house that it was dealt with quickly,” Charlie Horton said.

Lowery is in the McNairy County Jail awaiting extradition. According to the St. Louis County Police Department, it is unclear when Lowery will be extradited.

Selmer Police Chief, Neil Burks said he is not sure when Lowery will be officially charged with the counts from Thursday night.

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