The Jackson Underdogs hope to compete in the nationwide TBT tournament

JACKSON, Tenn. — A team of west Tennessee basketball alumni have teamed up to represent our region in the nationwide TBT Tournament.

TBT stands for, The Basketball Tournament, where 64 teams made up of alumni from across the U.S., play each other for a chance to win a whopping two million dollars. We caught up with the Jackson Underdogs at their first practice Saturday afternoon and spoke with coach and Liberty Tech alumni Dexter Williams, to see where they stand.

“We’re just trying to get some organization out here this weekend, you know, putting in some offense and putting in some defense just so that we know what were doing when we get on the floor. They all can play. Its just putting in our system this weekend,” said Williams.

Some of the players on the Jackson Underdogs are alumni from Liberty Tech, South Side, and Bolivar high schools. They are not a definite seed in the tournament yet. Each team is selected based on fan votes. You can cast your vote for them at