Rodney Castille ends his Crusader career a three-time champion

JACKSON, Tenn. — Liberty Tech’s Rodney Castille is as good as they come in the 300-meter hurdles. After taking home a gold medal in the 2016 state track & field championships,
Castille said placing second in his senior year, wasn’t even an option.

Castille brought home his second gold medal in the 300-meter hurdles this past weekend in Murfreesboro with a personal best 37.55 seconds. But his success in the meets stemmed from the mentality he had when I first interviewed him in February.

“I’m just finna go all out, like 100 percent every practice this year,” Castille said before the season started.

If winning back to back golds wasn’t enough motivation, Castille got an unexpected boost of adrenaline right before the gun sounded off.

“The dude who was projected first was like, I wonder what size ring I’m finna have like he said that before the race,” Castille said.

From that moment on, Castille blew away his competition. Watching every moment of his career, hoping to do the same one day, was Castille’s younger brother, Corbin March.

“He always up under me, like always watching what I do and always trying to copy me,” Castille said.

Castille always told March, nothing in life is handed to you. You have to take what’s yours, and in his final race as a Crusader, he showed him exactly what that looked like, coming from behind to take the victory.

Castille and his 4×4 team were able to walk away with a gold medal, helping end his career at Liberty as a three-time state champ. But as he gets ready for the next chapter in his journey, a part of Liberty will always be with him.

“Just be a dog,” Castille said. “That’s gotten instilled in us here at Liberty, the dog mentality, like eat, eat, eat, so I just got to keep that mentality.”

As Castille prepares to head off to Murray State on a football scholarship, he’ll take with him three gold medals and a state runner-up in football.