Hub City optimistic about summer visitors, new attractions

JACKSON, Tenn. — Baseball and softball tournaments are in full swing, and the coming weekend will be no exception. West Tennessee Healthcare Sportsplex will be filled for a weekend of competition.

“For Jackson and Madison County, the ballgames that are played at the West Tennessee Healthcare Sportsplex continue to make a difference in our region, bringing in travelers over the weekend, so we’re looking forward to having them in place,” Tourism Executive Director Lori Nunnery said.

Nunnery said the past two years have reported big numbers nothing short of a home run for the city.

“We’re really looking forward to 2017. Of course, it’s going to be hard to pass ’15 and ’16 because we’ve had record-setting growth over those years, but we look for that to continue in 2017 with the addition of a new hotel and three more on the plate,” Nunnery said.

Nunnery said one of those local hotels includes a Hilton Garden Inn. Just in the past year, new restaurants have come to the area, such as Jack’s.

Because I-40 runs right through the city of Jackson, tourism executives say it’s nothing but a help to the local economy.

“There’s an opportunity for us to grab more people off the interstate, so one of our goals is to continue to develop more attractions, more events and celebrate some of our events and attractions we have here, make sure that gets out to the rest of the world,” Nunnery said.

Nunnery said the biggest challenge now is continuing to develop products to attract people and new business.

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