Medina board of alderman vote on annexing more than 100 acres outside city limits

MEDINA, Tenn.-The Board of Aldermen in Medina unanimously voted to annex 124 acres, Monday evening.

The property along Blackmon Street is currently just outside the Medina city limits.
The developer, Joel McAlexander, who requested the annexation said he hopes to build more than 200 houses on the property.

Contractors said they are already preparing to start work on the property.

“Raise their family here and go to school here, it’s just a good place to live, and the housing market is good here and that’s why they come here to start building,” said Medina Mayor Vance Coleman.

The vote is the first of two required for the property to be annexed. The board of aldermen will cast the final vote at their regularly scheduled meeting, next month.

The mayor said there has been no opposition to the plan.