TVA conducts health safety check at Beech Dam


LEXINGTON, Tenn. — If you happen to see unusual activity going on at Beech Dam in Lexington, TVA says not to be alarmed. They say they are conducting what they call a health safety check of all 49 dams TVA is responsible for across Tennessee.

“We’ll be taking core samples of the embankment at the dam which we’ll analyze for any potential issues, both seismic and overall health of the dam,” TVA spokesman Scott Brooks said.

“This lake is our water source to our city and also to the county residents, so it’s very important that we maintain and take care of the dam and the lake,” said Jeff Griggs, executive secretary of Beech River Watershed Development Authority.

TVA says over the next three weeks they’ll run a number of tests on Beech Dam, and residents say better safe than sorry.

“I think it’s a very good idea for them to drill into the dam to make sure there’s no damage, for anything to happen in the future,” said Kathy Wysiadlowski, lake attendant for BRWDA.

A representative from the Beech River Watershed Development Authority says the boat dock will be closed Monday and Tuesday, but besides that, they expect no other activities to be affected.

“The reason it’s closed today is just to get all of the equipment in the water and just a safety issue, but once they’ve got everything in, shouldn’t be any problems at all,” Griggs said. “People will still be able to fish and use the lake, swim, and be here.”

“If necessary, we would have warning buoys out there and of course folks out there to make sure that folks are able to stay a safe distance and they can see what the boundaries are,” Brooks said.

TVA says it will take months to interpret the results of this month’s testing which will determine if further evaluation and assessments are necessary.

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