THP ‘Secure Your Load’ safety campaign underway

A statewide safety campaign is underway, urging drivers to make sure their loads are properly secured before hitting the road.

JACKSON, Tenn. — It’s common to see objects tied down on the back of vehicles and trailers, but are they secure?

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve passed by someone that’s loading something back on a vehicle or trying to tie it down better, and it’s better off if we can teach them in advance before they need help,” said Lt. Brad Wilbanks with the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

The THP wants to educate drivers on the importance of “securing your load.”

There are penalties for hauling loose objects. If you have something that can spill, fall off or blow away, you have to make sure it’s tied down. If the item isn’t tied down, you can face possible fines or other charges.

The THP says weather conditions can play a huge role in what happens to the items in your vehicle if they’re not strapped down properly. The wind can catch many objects while you’re on the road, and some larger items, like refrigerators, can be potentially dangerous if not tied down correctly.

“It may not blow out, but if it’s not secure and you happen to be in a crash, it could come through your vehicle on top of you.” Lt. Wilbanks said. “So that’s all the more reason to tie it down, secure it, make sure it’s safe.”

The THP says with the summer months and more outdoor activities like grilling and boating, people are hauling more items. They say it’s important for drivers to know how to securely tie down everything.

“If you think you got it tied down securely, add a little more ties to it,” Lt. Wilbanks said.

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