New West Tennessee Healthcare CEO talks about future

JACKSON, Tenn. — One of West Tennessee’s largest employers has a new leader.

James Ross

James Ross

James Ross

James Ross is no longer the interim CEO of West Tennessee Healthcare. He’s now officially in charge.

“Over 5,800 employees are employed by West Tennessee Healthcare, and that’s not something I take lightly,” Ross said.

He says he’s ready to take the company to a new level.

“Building more relationships with more community hospitals and building better and stronger-aligned relationships with physicians,” Ross said when asked about his goals.

Ross said his love for medicine and taking care of people started when he was just a little boy.

“So I’m a Boy Scout, Eagle Scout, and part of being an Eagle Scout is to explore. We developed a medical explore post,” Ross said.

The Eagle Scout has a long history with West Tennessee Healthcare starting as an EMT. He then became a nurse in 1985 before moving into an administrative role.

“Every interaction, every person you come into contact with has a need,” Ross said.

He says all his previous jobs have one important thing in common. “The common denominator is love and respect for people,” Ross said.

Ross wants to step up as more rural hospitals are closing.

“As facilities can’t stand on their own, we’re working diligently on trying to support those communities,” Ross said.

Ross says his vision can be summed up in three words.”To be chosen — for this system to be chosen by the people of West Tennessee as their system to receive health care.”

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