Business leaders look to add industrial sites in Chester County

CHESTER COUNTY, Tenn. — The Henderson-Chester County Chamber of Commerce says they’re looking to expand industry, and consultants for the state of Tennessee are showing them how through the Property Evaluation Program, or PEP.

“It’s just a program you apply for and they set you up with a consulting firm and help you identify industrial sites, get yourself prepared for future business and industry,” said Emily Johnson, director of economic and community development with the chamber.

Johnson said hundreds are currently employed through the multiple corporations which sit on the county’s two industrial sites.

“We felt to be proactive and ready for the future, we should apply for this program so we can get ourselves set to look to purchase a new industrial site,” Johnson said.

Economic leaders said these industrial sites are mostly full, but now these consultants can help them figure out what’s next.

“It means jobs, business investment, job creation, and that’s what every community wants is to be able to provide jobs for their citizens,” Johnson said.

The chamber said they’re also working with local tech schools and high schools to make sure students are prepared for this type of workforce, which is now technology-based.

Chester County was one of eight counties to receive the grant award through the state.

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