City of Jackson files response to county’s temporary injunction request

JACKSON, Tenn. — The city of Jackson has filed a response to the county’s motion for a temporary injunction as part of the county’s school funding lawsuit against the city.

The city filed the response Thursday in Madison County Chancery Court addressing the county’s request for the injunction, according to a release from the city of Jackson.

The county filed the lawsuit May 31 in response to a May 18 vote by the Jackson City Council to keep a portion of tax money that had gone to the Jackson-Madison County School System since 1989.

The injunction requested by the county would prevent the city from keeping that tax money while the lawsuit is pending.

The money amounts to $12 million annually.

In their response to the county’s injunction request, the city argues the county’s application does not meet the standards for a temporary injunction to be issued.

“Basically, the County has not carried its burden to show it would face immediate, irreparable harm if it no longer receives the City’s donation,” City Attorney Lewis Cobb is quoted as saying in the release.

In their lawsuit, the county argues its agreement with the city to put those funds toward the school system constitutes a contract.

The city argues there was no contract and that putting that money into the school system was a voluntary choice by the city.

Chancery Court Judge James Butler is expected to address the matter at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to the release.

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