Ban on Gun Shows could affect West Tennessee

JACKSON, Tenn. – A controversial decision about gun shows could possibly affect future shows in our area.

According to an opinion released by the TN State Court of Appeals, cities have the right to ban gun shows from their buildings. This week, the court said it agrees with the Nashville Metro Fair Board saying they can legally chose not to lease its buildings to gun shows.

Several proud 2nd Amendment supporters and gun owners are voicing their opinion.

“Maybe the gun shows should be a little more well regulated,” said gun owner Steven Mccullar, “But no, that’s not something I wanna see happen ya know.”

We reached out to city leaders on their opinion. So far, City councilman Scott Conger and Charles Bray agree there should not be a ban on gun shows here in Jackson.

“I don’t know if we have any problem that’s caused by having the guns shows just like we are now and I don’t see any use in making a change until I think we need a change,” said City councilman Bray.

The Appeal’s decision could be challenged, if so, then it could go to Tennessee Supreme Court.

A gun show event recently at the Jackson Fairgrounds Park brought out hundreds of people.


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