Madison County democrats rally against healthcare bill

Democrats from Madison County came together to voice their concerns over the new Republican sponsored American Healthcare Act.

If this bill passes, it will replace Obamacare.

One of their main concerns is the 23 million Americans estimated to lose coverage if this bill passes.

Republican Congressman for West Tennessee, David Kustoff, has already voted in favor of the measure.

“We are urging Senator Corker and Senator Alexander to vote against the American Healthcare Act,” Byron Elam, Chair of the Madison County Democratic Party, said.

Some of the Democrats feel like this bill is moving too fast to get to the President’s desk. Republicans, however, feel like it’s not moving fast enough.

“It’s been several months now since this congress started,” Jay Bush, Republican Madison County Commissioner, said.  “We still don’t have an Obamacare repeal.”

Bush, along with other Republicans, says that their biggest concern is the consistent premium increases they have seen.  They say soon this could make healthcare almost impossible to afford for families.

Elam says that no matter the outcome they will not stop fighting for West Tennesseans.

“We’re wanting to stand up for people.  People that are forgotten about.  We’re the party of the people,” said Elam.

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