Rockabilly Grand Prix takes Downtown Jackson

Today is day two of racing the roads of Jackson-Madison county for the cyclists.

Their route began and ended in downtown at Jackson Walk Plaza where food and live music could also be found.

“I try to support the T-B-R-A Series, Tennessee Bicycle Racing Association, they put on alot of great races here in TN, this one in particular,” R.L. Session, racer for I AM Racing in Nashville said. “I’ve come back here every year.”

This is the fifth year for the race and it keeps growing.

The directors say they try to add to the experience each year and keep it running as smoothly as possible.

“Kind of like show business you know,” Mark Yoshida, race co-director, said. “You make things appear to be as grand as you can and as smooth as you can and that’s what we strive for.”

Some people might think that since the race is on Father’s Day, it might stop the racers from coming out. It actually does the opposite.

“I think they think it’s exciting to see their dad out there racing bicycles,” Session said. “They’re still pretty young so they don’t ride themselves, but I think they think it’s fun just to watch bicycles ride around the course.”

Next year, the stakes will be even higher for the Rockabilly team.

“Next year, this is actually going to be the state championship criterium, which is gonna be great for this area,” Yoshida said. “We should have more racers from all over the state coming in.”


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