Workout Wednesday heads to the Jackson Boxing Club

JACKSON, Tenn. — Is the weight room, not your style? Don’t like lifting weights? I have a solution, the Jackson Boxing Club near downtown Jackson.

Whether you’re in tip top shape or trying to work your way back into shape, the Jackson Boxing Club has all the answers according to coach Obie Beard.

“It’s a sport where it challenges you every day,” Beard said. 

While boxing, you workout every muscle in your body from your legs, to your core and your upper body. But at this boxing club, you do your work in a challenging atmosphere.

“You come in here man, it’s a good 85-90 degrees, you’ll shed that weight, man it’ll just start dropping off you,” Beard said.

The fast pace rigorous workouts can last anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours and are guaranteed to burn some fat.

“If you looking to shed 15 [pounds], we probably can give you 30,” he said.

But these workouts just don’t make your appearance look better according to Jared Joslin Sr.

“Mentally and physically it can work with your mind and your body,” Joslin Sr. said.

While the gym is a good place to make you physically and mentally stronger, it’s a place where you and your kids can bond, like Jared Joslin Sr. and his son Jared Joslin Jr.

“Better for the kids now these days, keep their mind occupied and get them off the streets and wanting to do something with their self in life,” Joslin Sr. said

For those interested in working out at the Jackson Boxing Club, doors are open from 3-6 p.m. Monday-Friday.