Emergency Operations Center in Carroll Co. will put first responders under one roof

HUNTINGDON, Tenn. — When severe weather strikes or while in the midst of an emergency, you’ll find members of every agency responsible for responding in one spot in Carroll County.

Emergency officials will now head to a new Emergency Operations Center in the heart of Huntingdon.

“The walls and the roof are concrete as well as reinforced with steel,” Carroll County Mayor Kenny McBride said. “It will withstand up to 180 mph wind.”

McBride said the new Emergency Operations Center is still in the works, but when finished, it will house the county fire chief, the EMA director and 911 dispatch.

In a disaster, the officers working at the EOC will keep in contact with other officers who have fanned out to manage other areas.

“All emergency operations can convene and operate under one building where everything is consolidated, and we can have a central communication,” McBride said.

The new building is right across from the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, making it convenient when officers like Becky Keith need to pick up information for case files.

“We were having to drive across town,” Keith said. “With it being here, we can walk out the door and come and pick up that information.”

Keith said the EOC will not only keep the citizens safe but also the people who work there.

“We feel like we need our officers to be at one spot, and we are just happy to have them all back here,” Keith said.

McBride said the total cost of the project is nearly $800,000. A grant was approved for $300,000.

The new EOC should be open in the next three months.

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