Concert and Crawfish Boil draws crowds to benefit WRAP

JACKSON, Tenn. — Live music and the smell of seafood filled the streets of downtown Jackson Sunday afternoon for the third annual Benefit Concert and Crawfish Boil.

“It’s been great. We’ve had a really great turnout this time. We’ve had a lot of people buy raffle tickets, and a lot that we haven’t seen from previous years. I think the turnout is a lot bigger this year,” said event volunteer Wendy Graham.

A 20 dollar ticket at the door got you concert access and all you can eat crawfish and shrimp, but event organizer Cotton Clifton says, besides bringing people together, he holds this event in memory of a friend’s mother.

“She was in an abusive relationship, and unfortunately, she lost her life,” said Clifton.

Representatives say the benefit Sunday was a great way to bring people together in order to spread awareness.

“To let people out there know that if there’s any kind of situation that you’re in, you know, abusive situation or anything, there’s people to talk to,” Clifton said, “there’s somewhere that can help you get out of that situation and get you back on the right track.”

Besides entry to the event, money was also raised by raffle ticket sales for items and gift certificates that were donated by local businesses.

“…and then at the end of the day, we put all of the money together, and we give it to wrap,” said Clifton, “and it’s a good feeling.”

Organizers say they boiled over 150 pounds of crawfish and about 100 pounds of shrimp for the event. They say, they hope to raise about 2,000 dollars for WRAP by the end of the day.

If you’re interested in learning more about the WRAP organization, you can find more information at

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