Members of Jackson community honored at Civic Pride Awards Luncheon

JACKSON, Tenn. — A round of applause went to members of the community who have worked to keep Jackson beautiful at the Mayor’s Civic Pride Awards Luncheon on Tuesday.

“We’re proud of Jackson, so we want to recognize the people who are also proud of Jackson, by taking care of their yards and their businesses and stand out,” said Keep Jackson Beautiful coordinator Jodi Jacobs.

Jacobs says award categories include commercial, institutional and residential properties. The green space at the corner of Royal and Lane was also recognized.

“We look at the whole, not just the landscaping, but their house if it’s kept up and their yard if it’s kept up,” Jacobs said. “And we’re just looking for neatness.”

Some of the winners included Catfish Cabin, Ridge at Jackson, and the Rose residence on Plymouth Cove. An Environmental Stewardship Award was also given to Lisa Adkins, a volunteer for the Tennessee Clean Water Network.

“I’m really excited because I feel like it’s important that the people in Jackson know that Tennessee Clean Water is here to protect our waterways,” Adkins said.

Representatives say they hope the civic pride demonstrated by the award winners Tuesday will be contagious, inspiring neighbors and other members of the community.

“Lots of time when people take pride in their yards, then their neighbor says, hmm…” Jacobs said. “Then it rolls over.”

Representatives say you can send nominations for next year’s Civic Pride Awards to the Keep Jackson Beautiful organization.

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