Alamo Board of Aldermen approves new budget for fiscal year 2017-18

ALAMO, Tenn.-The Alamo City Board of Aldermen met Thursday night in a special meeting to pass the budget for the 2017-18 fiscal year.

With the members passing the budget, property taxes will be increased by 28 percent. Water rates are going up by 20 percent and they are also putting an extra $20,000 into parks around the community.

The city of Alamo will also be adding a parks and recreation department with the new budget. The paving budget has been increased to $80,000 as well.

“This will help us do a better job of providing services to the people in the town of Alamo and cleaning up the town, there’s some money in that part of the budget for basically the first time ever,” said Mayor John Avery Emison.

The board also passed an ordinance to tear town old buildings, including tearing down the first one today. They also will hire a fourth police officer.

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