Hub City reacts to city, county agreement over school funding

JACKSON, Tenn. — As the city and county move forward, the agreement has people in the Hub City talking.

“I am just glad that it’s over and that they did come to an agreement,” Jackson resident Alberta Hubbard said.

County commissioners approved a deal Friday with the city of Jackson over school funding, and parents say they are relieved.

“I am very thankful that that money was provided so my son can continue to go on to school and get the education that he needs,” said Beverly Baker, a mother of five.

One of Baker’s sons is a special needs student at West Bemis Middle School.

“He has lots of extra things that are provided for him and for us — we need that,” she said.

But the deal would only allow the school system half of the $12 million from the city received in years past. That means raising taxes to come up with the remaining $6 million is still an option.

“Hopefully they will do something else,” taxpayer Johnathan Anderson said. “I don’t like raising the county taxes because I pay city and county taxes,” he said.

Newly appointed Superintendent Eric Jones says he is happy with the agreement and looks forward to a great school year.

“It’s a positive step for the city and county,” Jones said. “They have been able to reach an agreement, so we are moving forward.”

Jones said the school system can now move forward with their general purpose fund and do what’s best for the students.

“It means we continue going on with the work that we have and make sure we are doing everything we possibly can to be ready for the school year in August,” he said.

We will have more on this story once the county approves the budget in July.

Once the agreement takes effect, it will last 10 years.

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