Warm And Muggy Overnight; Chance of Storms Sunday

Weather Update: 10:45 PM CDT

It will be warm and muggy overnight with temperatures falling through the low 80s and upper 70s. The chance of seeing any additional convection tonight is pretty small overall. However, with an outflow boundary still present and High Pressure moving east at the surface across far west Kentucky. There may be just enough elevated convergence to support a weak updraft overnight.

Tomorrow: West Tennessee will be sandwiched between the old weak frontal boundary and an area of high pressure to the north. With abundant surface moisture in place and sunshine. Instability will grow quickly. It will be difficult to pin down the ‘where’. However the threat of scattered thunderstorms will be present again tomorrow afternoon.

Extended forecast keeps the daily threat of storms going until Friday. At that point, we may be tracking the first major heat ridge of the summer. It will be centered over the Plains, but extend far enough east to include West Tennessee. If correct, it may help temperatures flirt with the mid-90s by next weekend.

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