People traveling through Jackson share their holiday plans

JACKSON, Tenn. – People are making pit stops here in Jackson as they travel the country for this holiday weekend.

“We’re traveling from New Jersey on this beautiful holiday weekend,” Mike Haller said. “We stayed overnight in Nashville last night.”

“It’s actually his first time,” Maria Marquez said about Kyle Shumway.   “It’s gonna be fun. We’re just going to spend time with family,” Marquez said.

“We are going to North Carolina first and then to New York City and then head to Washington D.C.” Tina Mudong said.

This is day two for most people driving to spend time with friends and family for the holiday.  AAA reports that more than 37 million Americans will be driving this weekend.   Even though they hadn’t reached their destination, people were just happy to be traveling.

“I like it. To me it beats the 110 degree heat that it probably is right now,” Shumway said about the weather in Arizona. “It’s really pretty here.”

Others said it was a little more expensive to travel this year.

“I think it’s one of our most expensive just because we’re driving so many different states,” Mudong said.

But no matter how much farther they had to travel… they were excited to see the sky light up with fireworks.

“Seeing the fireworks. We love the loud noise and bright lights and stuff,” Haller said.

“Fireworks! Alot of them are illegal in AZ so we’ll just have a blast playing with fireworks,” Marquez said.

“We love it,” Mudong said. “We can’t wait for the fireworks and to see everybody out.”

All of this traveling helps those doing it appreciate our country even more.

“The United States is a great place to live,” Haller said. “We get to see alot while we travel. So if you get the chance, travel the United States, drive around. It’s a great place.”


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