Fireworks stands do “booming” business heading into the 4th

LEXINGTON, Tenn.-This is a busy time of year for fireworks stands and tents across the area.

Matthew Sane, Owner of ‘Kid Dynamite’ in Lexington said although the holiday fall on Tuesday that is not stopping the traffic.
Before closing down on July 5, local business owners said they expect to see more customers.

Tents have been setup since late June, but sane said business really gets booming closer to the holiday.

“We probably do about 85 percent of our business on the 3rd, 4th and 5th, so you’re out here for over 2 weeks, but you really do most of your work starting (the 3rd)”, said Sane.

Sane said the day after the holiday a lot of shoppers look for bargains and want to stock up for next year.



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