Savannah City Commission meets to discuss issue of proposed industrial development in Crump

SAVANNAH, Tenn.-A planning session was held Monday night by the city leaders in Savannah over continued plans for land development in the small town of Crump. It is a story WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News first brought you last week.

Members of the Savannah City Commission met to discuss plans by the Savannah Industrial Development Board in regards of building a new industrial site in nearby Crump.

Many in the audience were residents from Crump who are either opposed to the plan or have many questions about the proposed plan.

“We don’t want it to get nasty, but we want justice and we want to be considered, our voice we need to be heard,” said affected property owner, Anita Burks.

“Anywhere that you go and start an industrial park usually there’s going to be somebody that’s abutting that property that doesn’t want it and it’s perfectly human nature to feel that way,” said Gary Welch, Savannah City Manager.

Another meeting is scheduled by the Savannah City Commission this Thursday night. No word on if the issue of proposed development in Crump will be on the agenda.

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