Jackson families fill city parks for 4th of July cookouts

JACKSON, Tenn.– Families in Jackson are enjoying this Independence Day, taking advantage of space at local parks.

Families got an early start Tuesday at city of Jackson parks, utilizing pavilions and picnic tables for their Fourth of July celebrations.

“Being with family,” Jamar Jackson said. “Family is everything these days. If you ain’t got family, you basically got nothing. So just family and friends having a good time.”

With such great weather this Fourth of July folks have their shades on, grills out and generations of family coming together to celebrate. Kids enjoyed playing in the water, while the adults took care of the grilling.

“It’s a great way for all of us to come together in unity and have a great time with the community, the kids,” Angela Wellington said.

“It’s hot outside and we really wanted to kids to enjoy they self and get wet,” Alicia Emrick said. “Have fun basically. Keep them off the internet, Facebook, Snapchat and all that.”

Although some are looking forward to…

“Food, country food lots of food,” Glen Peoples said. “Can’t you see? I’m working out so I can eat a lot.”

Most agree this holiday is about spending time with loved ones.

“We can come together on days like this and everybody have a good time,” Wellington said. “And that’s why we’re here.”

“Everybody be safe and have a great 4th of July,” Emrick said. “Don’t get popped by firecrackers,” Allocianna Emrick said.

Many families say getting together for a Fourth of July barbecue has become a family tradition.

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