Thousands celebrate their 4th of July at the Firefighters Freedom Festival

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — Thousands of people came to McKellar-Sipes Regional Airport Tuesday to celebrate Independence Day with their community.

“It’s something to do different. Instead of going to someone’s home in the back yard, we get to be around other families, and just see how other families celebrate, and to celebrate with them,” said festival attendee Shanika Smith.

The Smith family was one of many who came early and set up their tents for a front row seat to the festivities.

“The fireworks display here is amazing and just to be out in the open and let the kids run around; and it’s very family oriented,” said festival attendee Brooke Butler.

The Fourth of July celebration had something for everyone, with a variety of food vendors, live music, and of course, fun for the kids.

“What are you most excited about?” “All the rides,” said festival attendee Carter Butler.

…and as the day comes to an end, the night sky will light up with the always crowd pleasing fireworks display.

“Oh yeah. Always the fireworks. They’re exciting,” Smith said. “When you say Fourth of July, that’s what you think of, the fireworks.”

” I really like watching them, and they’re really loud,” Carter said.

The Madison County Fire Department says they plan on shooting over 500 fireworks Tuesday evening, members of their own taking the lead.

“Three of us went out and got certified, and we’re going to put together, it’s going to be about a 30 minute show, a 20 to 30 minute show, and we do this just so everybody will have a safe fun environment to come out for the Fourth and celebrate with their families,” said Captain Chris Woods of the Madison County Fire Department.

Attendees say, it’s fun to deck out in stars and stripes to show they’re proud to be an American.

“Oh. It feels great,” Smith said. “Freedom is what I think of to be an American. It’s great.”

The Madison County Fire Department says the event was a team effort, with help from a number of law enforcement agencies including Tennessee Highway Patrol and the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

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