City of Paris works with local neighborhood to demolish ‘eyesore’ home

PARIS, Tenn. — The city of Paris has been working with a local neighborhood to help get rid of what many say has been an eyesore. It’s a project neighbors say has been a self-funded effort in the works since spring.

Residents received help from the Historic Atkins Porter Neighborhood Association.

Preserve Paris, an initiative by the city government to help clean up and beautify the city, agreed to demolish the building, creating the chance for the neighborhood association to move forward in designing a neighborhood green space.

HAPNA’s board voted this spring to purchase what it calls a “non-conforming building” at 311 Jackson Street.

“At one time, it was a nice home that had been turned into seven apartments,” HAPNA President Ed Roberts said. “It was just the kind of place you don’t want in your neighborhood.”

Eight residents in the area raised over $7,000 to help make the demolition possible. Construction crews will now spend the next few days collecting the rubble.

“The whole community now can enjoy this space and create something that everybody can enjoy, a little green space or park there,” neighbor Julie Leach said.

Paris City Manager Kim Foster said it’s a rare day when a program like this can see such quick results.

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