UPDATE: Search for woman’s body who went missing during flooding, ends

JACKSON COUNTY, Tenn.-The search for the body of a woman who went missing following a flash flood at a middle Tennessee state park has ended.

WKRN in Nashville reported that the body of Peggy Mcdaniel, 73, has been found. The station reported the Tennessee Highway Patrol said McDaniel’s body was found Friday afternoon a short distance downstream where she was last seen Wednesday afternoon at Cummins Falls State Park.

It happened around 1 p.m. after a flash flood swept through the area. Officials said the water rose about three feet in a matter of minutes.

According to reports, 27 people were trapped on the side of the gorge, three were on an island in the middle of the creek and 10 were trapped downstream from the falls.

McDaniel is the mother of Bradford High School Principal Shayne Paschall.

Officials say McDaniel was with her son, Shayne, his wife and their kids.

Reports said the family was trying to walk across the creek to safety when they lost grip on her.

Gibson County Sheriff Paul Thomas’ two oldest children were also involved in the incident.

“It’s been a long couple days and a tragic event,” Sheriff Thomas said. “This ordeal isn’t over yet for my family and extended family, so we’d just like everyone to continue praying, and we know God has his hands on this situation.”

He also says his older son is recovering in a hospital in Middle Tennessee.

Support is now pouring in from across West Tennessee.

The Gibson County Sheriff’s Office released a statement on Facebook asking everyone to keep the sheriff in their prayers.

The Bradford Special School District is also speaking out, encouraging prayers and saying the family will need the community in the long run.

According to Cummins Falls State Park, they will remain closed while the investigation continues.


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