Fisherman reeled in hundreds of pounds of catfish for the World Championship of Catfishing

SAVANNAH, Tenn. — Pounds of a Tennessee delicacy were boated into Wayne Jerrolds Park this afternoon for the World Championship of Catfishing.

Competitors of all ages from throughout the Mid-South competed in the 76th annual competition in the Catfish Capital of the World. Some categories included Top Senior, Top Youth, and Lady Angler. The grand prize went to a team of fisherman who caught a total of 55.6 pounds of catfish. They say, they credit their success to preparation.

“We’ve been up here for two days looking for fish and marking fish, and actually the big fish we caught, we’re pretty sure we marked that fish yesterday on our sonar, and we went back today and caught him right at that same spot where we saw him yesterday,” said Jeff Dodd, winner along with Roy Harkness.

Tournament representatives say they expect to have an even bigger event for the competition next year. After the weigh in, all of the catfish were released back into the Tennessee River.