Local Jackson residents react to delayed Holly Bobo trial

JACKSON, Tenn. – “And if they don’t have any consequences for their actions then what’s gonna happen?” John Bond, a Jackson native, said.

The family of Holly Bobo has been waiting three years for this trial to begin,  and now they have to wait another 2 months.  The trial was pushed back to September after a new piece of evidence was introduced.

“If they have found a weapon I think they do need time to do the forensics on the weapon so it can be used in the case to prosecute,” Mal Matthews, a Jackson native, said.

Then on friday, the WBBJ News Room received a court document.  It says that four men have been given immunity in the case. One of them, Shayne Austin, is dead.

That means that anything they say during their testimony cannot be used against them in this case.

One woman said that her family has experienced something very similar to the Bobo family and every day they work to overcome it.

“It’s just sad in a sense for the family. I’ve had a member of my family that was close that got killed,” Andrea Moore, a Jackson native, said. “It’s always devastating for the family. You never get over it.”

People here in Jackson are ready for the trial to end so the family can finally start to heal.

“My prayers just go out to the family. That’s just a long time to wait,” Matthews said. “They know who actually committed the crime so let’s just prosecute for the families sake.”

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