JMCSS votes to approve city/county sales tax agreement


JACKSON, Tenn. — It was a busy day for the Jackson-Madison County School Board as officials met Monday afternoon in a closed-door meeting with their attorney before voting on whether to approve the sales tax agreement between the city of Jackson and Madison County.

Superintendent Dr. Eric Jones said the closed-door meeting was to discuss the board’s options as far as making a decision on the city and county agreement. During Monday’s special called meeting, school board members voted unanimously to approve the sales tax agreement plan.

The school board made a big step in the battle of securing nearly $12 million needed in education funding.

“We had a unanimous vote to help move the county and the city forward with this resolution,” Jones said.

The agreement states the city and county will evenly split the funds the city receives from its share of a 1.25 percent local option sales tax for the next 10 years. Board Chairman, Bob Alvey said board members are not thrilled about approving the agreement, but he said it had to be done.

“It’s not something we’re excited about, but we understand it’s probably the best deal that was available for the county so we’re going to support them in that,” Alvey said.

The county has already approved the original version of the agreement, but Alvey said the version approved by the school board Monday night had some minor changes.

“Their really wording. I don’t think they really changed the intent of the agreement so the county I think is going to have to vote to agree again to the amended language,” Alvey said.

The Education Vision committee will meet at the central office Tuesday night to discuss funding for the school system in depth.

“The big things on the agenda for tomorrow (Tuesday) night are really to talk about the budget, the county commission, the city council board agreement on this local option sales tax,” Alvey explained.

Dr. Eric Jones said now that the board has voted it’s time to look ahead to the new school year. “We’ve done our part and the rest moves forward.” Dr. Jones said.

County commissioners and school officials will meet at 5:30 p.m., Tuesday evening for the Education Vision meeting. That meeting is open to the public.

Also, Tuesday morning the Jackson City Council will meet to vote on the school funding agreement.

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