Liberty ready for new chapter

JACKSON, Tenn. — Monday morning the Liberty Tech Crusaders got a chance to meet their new head coach in Orentheus Taylor. Let’s just say he got straight to the point in his first message to his team. He let the Crusaders know he means business and he wants to win. Despite his record as a head coach at JCM, Taylor knows he can help bring a championship to Liberty.
For those who doubt Taylor and the Crusaders, he had a special message for them as well.

“Well the message to them, they don’t think I can coach, that’s fine, just sit in the stands and watch,” Taylor said. “I feel confident that they’ll see what they need to see. Some people whether you win or lose, their going to say that you can’t coach anyways. One thing I heard from a wise man a long time ago, some of the best coaches are in the stands.”