Community, school leaders meet new Haywood County school superintendent

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn.- The community had its first opportunity to meet with the newly appointed superintendent of Haywood County Schools.

Joey Hassell has been in the position for just a few weeks. Haywood County School officials wanted to give him a warm welcome.
A long line formed as teachers, parents, students and residents all came out to meet and greet their new leader.

Superintendent Hassell said he cannot wait to get the school year started.

“I’m just excited to have the principals and teachers in the building to meet all of them to kick off the year, but most importantly to get buses rolling and our students in our classroom so we can have a great year,” said Superintendent Hassell.

Hassell said as part of his new role he plans to have more meetings with the community and hold separate sessions just for parents and school officials.



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