Golden Tide preaching mental and physical toughness for the upcoming season

TRENTON, Tenn. — The Peabody Golden Tide lost a lot of talent to graduation following the 2016 season, but has found a way to reload for the 2017 season. When head coach Shane Jacobs, was asked about his teams identity for the new year, he was pretty straight forward.

“We’re a spread offense but we’re going to be smash mouth, we’re going to run the football and we want to be physical you know,” Jacobs said.  “Trenton has always been known for that brand of football and we certainly want to keep that going. We’ve had a lot of really good players here, a lot of physical players so we want to make sure we are physical every day at practice and that we’re getting after it.”

Now the conditions have been anything but pleasant for teams in the West Tennessee area. It’s no secret, it’s hot outside.  These conditions make it tough for anyone to focus when outside longer than a couple of minutes, but for Jacobs, he isn’t letting his players use the heat as an excuse.  He knows it will be just as hot during the season, and he’s doing everything now to assure the heat and fatigue won’t affect his ball club.

“Early ball games you don’t have a lot of film so you never know what you’re going to get so you have to be prepared for anything that you see, you have to be able to think and a lot of that comes back to being in shape,” Jacobs said.  “Because when we get tired, we do less thinking so we got to make sure we’re in shape and able to think and move when we’re tired. ”

The Golden Tide open up the season against Booker T Washington