West Tennesseans make a difference by sampling wines from across the state

JACKSON, Tenn. — Cheers and a toast, as people from all over west Tennessee came together near downtown Jackson to support the Exchange Club Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse.

“They’re there to help with any families that may have had child abuse, to actually help the victim, so they’re there with the parents, the child, through the entire process,” said Tawnya Moore, chairman for the Jackson Exchange Club.

The event included 13 wineries and 14 artisan vendors from across the state, hoping to share with attendees, something new.

“Blackberry wine, a lot of people would have it as a dessert wine, and they would have it with cheesecake, and we have one old lady who comes in, and she pours it over her vanilla ice cream,” said Tom Carr from Century Farm Winery.

…while also allowing them to taste their version of something traditional.

“It’s unlike any other grape. It has a very thick skin, and a lot of people really identify with the Muscadine in the south because they remember their grandparents making Muscadine jam,” said Kim Wheeler from Stonehaus Winery.

Event attendees say the Toast of Jackson is ideal for wine enthusiasts because it allows them to sample wines that come from their community.

“We’re from McKenzie, so we like to drive to Paris and the Paris winery. They have a wonderful winery there,” said benefit attendee Charles Prestwood. “The people are great. We always go in there, and I get my favorite which is a sweet red, and then your favorite is the…”

“…red zin,” replied benefit attendee Tracy Prestwood.

Winery representatives say, the benefit Saturday was a win win for attendees.

“…and especially red wines have antioxidants in it, and it’s very healthy to supplement your diet,” Carr said.

Exchange Club representatives say, they are hoping to raise 15 to 20 thousand dollars today for the Exchange Club Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse.

Representatives also say, their next fundraiser will be the Circle of Hope Telethon, which will be broadcast live on August 13th on WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News.

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