Beech Lake helps Tennesseans beat the heat

LEXINGTON, Tenn. — There wasn’t a shady spot to be found at Beech Lake on Sunday as people are trying to cool down in the hot summer heat.  With highs above 90 for over two weeks now, people are cooling down any way they can.

“We’re out here trying to beat the heat, bottled waters and Gatorade and letting the kids get in the water and have fun and all that trying to stay out of the heat,” Pegy Douris, a Lexington native, said.

People were under trees, in hammocks and of course in the water trying to stay out of the sun.  But… I don’t think the heat was slowing down any of the kids.  In fact, they were jumping off of just about anything at the lake.

“Going to swim and jumping off the dock and everything,” Chase Hayes, a Lexington native, said.

“Jumping off the dock, going past the yellow line and diving off the yellow line,” Brendan Douris, a Lexington native, said.

And swimming wasn’t the only way people were staying cool.

“We’re out here, we actually have a boat. so we’re going tubing, going out for a ride,” Ikor Castillero Villabos, a Memphis native, said.  “It’s gonna be a nice time.”

It only costs three dollars a day to swim at Beech Lake or you can buy an annual pass for 20 dollars.  It is free for anyone under 13 or over 65 to swim.

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