Award winning journalist, author traces her roots back to West Tennessee

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn.-An author and award winning journalist from the Big Apple is here in West Tennessee promoting her book.

Cheryl Wills, a New York native, discovered about a decade ago that her roots are from Haywood County.
She has written a book titled “Die Free” about her great, great grandfather, Sandy Wills, who served in the Civil War from 1863 to 1865.

Wills said she is proud to be visiting the area and her goal is to let the world know the cultural treasures that are here.

“I’ve come all the way from New York City to say, ‘let’s bring him back to life, let’s honor him and all those colored soldiers that helped keep this divided country together he’s an important historical figure,” said Wills.

Wills said during her time in West Tennessee she plans on touring cultural sites and visiting cemeteries to find her great great grandfather’s final resting place.

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