Riverside uses midnight practice to gain some experience

DECATURVILLE, Tenn. — Monday morning was the first official day high school football teams could put on full pads and have a contact practice, the Riverside Panthers didn’t waste any time hitting the field as soon as the clock struck midnight.  Friends and family filled the stands to see the Panthers go through various hitting drills and get a first glimpse of what Riverside has in store for Friday nights. Head coach Johnnie Frost explained why his team hit the field at night time instead of waiting til this morning.

“Considering the heat we’ve been having it really got them much more excited,” Frost said. “Something about under the lights on the first night of practice gets the kids fired up.”

Not only did that practice help get the nerves out the way.  It helped give some players the experience they need when it comes to playing underneath the lights with a crowd on hand.

“It’s always nice to do that since our scrimmages that we got scheduled won’t be underneath the lights, our jamboree we will play before the lights come on so any time you can get under the lights, let them feel that extra energy, the extra atmosphere, it’s good stuff,” Frost said.

The Panthers will kick off the season against Obion County.