EXCLUSIVE: Customers speak out about Ronda’s Travel Corner; say they lost over $3,000


JACKSON, Tenn. — Imagine booking an anniversary trip, all inclusive — or so you thought. It’s supposed to be by the beach, but instead it smells like it’s by the sewer.

“We were getting an upgraded room. We were getting our vows renewed. It was all exclusive. All that good stuff,” Cristy Lawler said.

It was a trip to celebrate their love.

“My husband surprised me with this trip for our 24th wedding anniversary because we never got an anniversary,” Lawler said.

They say their long awaited getaway quickly turned into a nightmare.

“You’re starting to smell this smell, and it smells like sewage where we are,” Lawler said. “I’m like, ‘are you kidding me?’ And we get to our room and we are nowhere where we are supposed to be.”

It started with a trip advertised as an all-inclusive trip for $2,000 to Cancun booked through Ronda’s Travel Corner in north Jackson.

Lawler says they spent over $2,500 on the trip.

The Jackson Police Department is now investigating Ronda’s Travel Corner and searched the company Tuesday morning, taking evidence after they got complaints of fraud.

“My daughter’s 16th birthday was approaching, so we decided that’s how we would celebrate it,” Suzie Rollins said.

Rollins is 8-months pregnant and thought this would be a great getaway before the big day.

“I have inquired numerous times to have reservation information, booking confirmation, something, just to get confirmation, just to know the trip was booked,” Rollins said.

She then read some online reviews.

“They said there were a lot of bugs and things hovering over the food,” Rollins said.

She decided to cancel the trip and says the $3,000 she spent was never returned.

“Traveling with a child, you have to be careful with the water and the food,” Rollins said. “I just decided it was a chance I wasn’t willing to take. We went to the agency, and they were closed with this sign on the door, and our phone calls were not returned.”

Lawler says their booking was never completed.

“My husband talked to the lady about our vow renewal, and she says nobody booked it,” Lawler said.

She says they hope to do something when they get back home.

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