The Bulldogs are looking for new playmakers in the 2017 season

JACKSON, Tenn. — Last season the Milan Bulldogs had an abundance of playmakers at their disposal. This season, the top wide receiver Lamartez Brooks is gone, which means they’ll need to share the load this season.  It’s no secret they’ll run the ball, but someone needs to catch the ball and head coach Jeff Morris is pleased with what he’s seen thus far in preseason camp.

“We’ve had probably the most pleasant part of preseason practices, we had some wide outs emerge, you know we simply we had one great, great wide out that dominated our passing game last year and we’re going to spread the ball out, but we think we got five or six kids that are capable of catching the football,” Morris said.  “We got tailbacks back, quarterbacks back, O-line we think is coming together, we think our offense is ahead.”

The Bulldogs open up their season against the Humboldt Vikings.