JMCSS hosts 2 day board retreat

JACKSON, Tenn.–  One week to go until the official start of a new school year in Jackson-Madison County. Friday night, school leaders gathered to begin a two-day board retreat.

A lengthy agenda for school board officials over the next two days. One of the big topics board members want to tackle is the kind of climate and culture they would like to see throughout the district.

Board members discussed the school district’s mission, vision, and school climate.

“What are the culture or climate elements that we want to be true for our district so that we can share those with people and have clarity about how this organization should be?,” board chairman, Bob Alvey said.

Board members brainstormed ideas of what they would like to see implemented. Board member, Dave Bratcher said he wants people to trust the leadership. “The idea of feeling as if you’re in a safe place or we’re going to try and catch you doing stuff right instead of trying to catch you doing stuff wrong,” Bratcher explained.

Alvey said to have a successful climate and culture at school and the central office you need transparency. “If our people feel there’s a problem I would want them to feel free to bring that problem forward in the appropriate manner,” Alvey explained.

The school board also explained what their expectations are for Superintendent Eric Jones. On the list was to recognize and acknowledge when he has made a mistake and to stay true to who he is.

“Don’t let the title change the person,” Bratcher said.

Other members expect Dr. Jones to keep close contact with the community, and visit students during their lunch hour.

“You’ll be surprised what you can learn and how much you can know just by being visual among the students,” board member, Janice Hampton said.

School board members also wrote personalized thank you notes to send to principals ahead of the first day of school.

The school board will discuss more topics Saturday beginning at 8 a.m. as they reconvene for day two of the retreat.

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