West Tennessee takes advantage of Tax Free Weekend deals

JACKSON, Tenn.— “People expect it. They were talking about it all last week leading up to this,” Timothy Pearce, an Assistant Store Manager at Best Buy, said.

And now the hours are counting down until the tax free weekend is over.  Clothes, school supplies and electronics are all tax free until 11:59 tonight.  Best Buy in Jackson has other deals to go along with this weekend.

“One great thing that we have is if you buy any of our HP PC’s or laptops we have a printer that usually runs 129 dollars. If you buy it with any PC you actually get that printer for 29.99,” Pearce said.

That means you’ll save almost 100 dollars on that printer.  Customers at best buy planned for this weekend so they could save as much as possible.

“We actually came to Best Buy because we registered we had a student in the house, we got an additional discount plus we get our tax free so we’re very pleased,” Kelly Schmidgall, a shopper from

Lexington, Tennessee, said.

Sales at Best Buy are also breaking goals this weekend.

“I do know that we finished number 4 in our district,” Pearce said.  “Our target goals we’ve actually finished over what we were supposed to do all weekend so we’ve done very well which we’re all very excited about.”

If they don’t have what you want in stock, don’t worry they can order it for you and you can still get it tax free.  Best Buy closes at 8 pm tonight.



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