Alleged animal cruelty case in Union City ‘one of worst’ rescuers have seen


UNION CITY, Tenn. — Union City Department of Animal Control employee Amanda Hayslett said this past weekend’s animal rescue in Obion County was one of the worst cases her department has ever seen.

“My initial thought was I have to contact help because it was way more than we could handle at animal control here,” Hayslett said.

Animal Rescue Corps, a national animal protection nonprofit, assisted the Union City Police Department and Animal Control late Friday evening in the rescue of around 33 animals found living in “deplorable” conditions at a property in Obion County. All of the animals were seized by Animal Control.

Property owner Melanie Dawn Allmon was issued an animal cruelty citation. Her arraignment is set for this Thursday in Union City.

“You hate for anything to get up to that level, and you hate that there were people living there as well,” Hayslett said.

Union City Department of Animal Control visited the property after the property owner inquired about getting help feeding her dogs. Upon inspection, they reportedly found violations of state and local safety and animal cruelty codes.

Small dogs were visible loose inside the house with a floor piled thick with animal feces, strewn with debris, soaked in urine, and no visible food or water, according to a release from Animal Rescue Corps. All of the animals have been surrendered to the nonprofit.

“They are going through the process of getting checked out by the veterinarians there, and once they are OK, then they’ll go dispersed to their rescue partners so they can be adopted,” Hayslett said.

Dr. Leland Davis at Reelfoot Animal Hospital, who was a former mentor to Hayslett, wants the public to be more informed when it comes to taking care of pets.

“It’s gotten to where everybody thinks they need a pet. If you can’t financially take care of a pet, you don’t,” Dr. Davis said.

Animal Rescue Corps documented all of the animals on the property and transported the dogs to the emergency shelter set up for this rescue, dubbed Operation Desperate Plea, in Lebanon, according to the release.

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