Jackson students head back to school, greeted by local citizens

JACKSON, Tenn. — Friday was the first day back to school for Jackson-Madison County Schools, and one group of men wanted to make it extra special.

“We have men coming out and greeting our kids on the first day of school, a great show of support,” Superintendent Eric Jones said.

Men from all over Jackson came to the Jackson Careers and Technology Elementary School to welcome kids back. Police, church leaders and community leaders were among the men who participated.

“This is about our men getting back and involved into the school system, back into our community and hope this can just be the first day of us visiting all of our schools,” City Councilman Johnny Dodd said.

Every child who walked into the school Friday was greeted with a high-five and a “good morning.”  The men want the kids to know they are here for them and care about their success.

“I think that it’s important that our children know that people do care for them,” Jones said.  “We have a stake in their educational success.”

They want this to become a yearly event at schools all over the county.

“This school year, I want to hit every school to invite kids back to school,” Dodd said. “Let them know that we’re here to support you.”

And seeing a rainbow on the first day has to be a good sign for a great school year.

They hope next time that even more men will show up to greet the kids.

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