Local church holds 38th annual Prayer Breakfast

JACKSON, Tenn. — City Wide Ushers and church members came together Saturday morning for their annual Prayer Breakfast.

“It’s just a get-together of brethren and sistren just to share the word of Christ [and] enjoy a meal just to fellowship,” City Wide Usher’s Union President, Fredrick Ingram, said.

Each year, the group holds this breakfast as a fundraiser. They use the money to buy gifts for senior members during Christmas time.

They look forward to seeing each other and learning from each other.

“Just out meeting the rest of the ushers and just getting a feel for how their service runs and their uniforms. You know things of this nature—just fellowship,” an Usher at Macedonia Mission Baptist Church, David Randolph, said.

The Ushers also use this as a way to reach out to those around them.

“We do this because we are the City Wide Ushers,” Simon Beard, an Usher at West Bemis Missionary Baptist Church, said. “And we try to get out to the community and bond together in harmony and love to share whatever we need to share with one another.”

This is the 38th year for the City Wide Usher’s Prayer Breakfast, and they believe their strong foundation from senior leaders is what keeps this ministry running.

“We need them as wonderful door keepers to help keep wonderful elements in and celebrate and be kind to those elements who would probably be unsavory but never push them out because our doors are always open,” William Watson, the Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church, said.

But the thing everyone was looking forward to most was the time of worship together.

“I’m looking forward to hearing the word and getting fed the word and having a good time with my fellow friends,” Beard said.

“I’m looking forward to just the whole opportunity of worship, looking forward to a great celebration,” Watson said.

This annual event is open to the public.

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