Former Crockett Co. deputy sentenced to 87 months in prison


JACKSON, Tenn. — A former Crockett County deputy was sentenced Tuesday in a federal courtroom.

Calvin Fields

Calvin Fields, a one-time Crockett County deputy, was sentenced to a total of 87 months in prison for the distribution of cocaine and aiding and abetting and also possession of a firearm for threats of drug trafficking.

With his head held low, Fields listened to the judge read off his sentencing while his family and friends watched.

Court documents say Fields worked with a drug trafficker and warned them before a search warrant was issued, giving the suspect time to get rid of the alleged drugs.

Court documents also say Fields encouraged a member of the “Gangster Disciple Gang” to seek revenge on an individual and encouraged him to shoot into a home while Fields was nearby making sure no one interfered.

Documents show Fields also provided protection for drug exchanges and got paid in return.

Officials say Fields was in full uniform, carrying a firearm and used the official vehicle during the illegal activity.

In court, Fields apologized and asked for a second chance and told his family he loved them.

Before sentencing, the judge told Fields in his many years he has not seen a more serious case of official corruption and said the act was done for greed and for money.

In addition, Fields is not allowed to join any law enforcement agency when he gets out.