Lucky blood donor wins Lifeline contest, gets ATV from Bob’s House of Honda


JACKSON, Tenn. — Lifeline Blood Services teamed up with Bob’s House of Honda in a big giveaway to reward a lucky blood donor.

Lifeline Blood Services says that only 5 percent of people eligible to give blood actually do.

In an effort to help make up for the lack of blood needed in our area, Lifeline teamed up with Bob’s House of Honda in Jackson, who made a huge donation, offering a Polaris ATV as a prize for giving blood throughout the summer. Each person who gave blood was eligible to win.

The lucky winner was Earl Hunt.

Lifeline says working with a company like this is an innovative way to entice community members to come out and give blood.

“It’s pretty amazing that Bob’s House of Honda actually took it upon themselves to donate this close to $10,000 vehicle to help the community out, so it’s great that members and leaders in our community are willing and able to donate things,” Lifeline CEO John Miller said.

According to Lifeline, this blood drive saved nearly 2,000 lives.

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