Tenn. Schools for the Deaf welcome new superintendent


JACKSON, Tenn. — The Tennessee Schools for the Deaf, including the Jackson campus , welcome Dr. Nancylynn Ward as their new leader. Ward makes history as the first deaf superintendent for the institution.

This upcoming school year, students will be introduced to a woman who has many years of experience working in deaf education.


“I wanted high quality education services offered to deaf and hard of hearing children, and so when that availability came up I felt very ready to step into that new role,” Dr. Ward said.

Ward comes all the way from Washington, D.C. She previously worked at the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education center.

“I just realized that I’m going to apply what I’ve learned, the ideals that I’ve learned, my perspective in education, and I just decided to capitalize on that opportunity,” Ward said.

Ward said she’s excited for the new school year and ready to interact with the students as they prepare for the first day of classes. “Looking forward to getting involved in their lives and hearing their goals,” she said.

Ward will oversee both the Jackson and Knoxville campuses. School officials say there are about 40,000 deaf and hard of hearing children in the state. Ward said helping students reach their full potential is the ultimate goal.

“We want them to graduate from our education program in a way that the options are limitless,” Ward said.

The Knoxville campus started classes Monday, and students here in Jackson begin their first day Thursday.

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