Local collaborative workspace offers over $10,000 grand prize

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local collaborative workspace is asking people in West Tennessee to submit their business ideas for a chance to win a $10,000 prize.

theCo in west Jackson is issuing a challenge to local entrepreneurs to show their business ideas for a competition called “The Best in the West.”

The grand prize includes $5,000 in cash, a year membership to theCo, a promotional video created by Adelsberger Marketing for your product, three half page ads in their Our Jackson Home Journal and using the company’s event space rental for one day.

Media Facilities Manager Dan Drogosh said this contest gives people the opportunity to showcase their ideas.

“A lot of people have ideas in their heads for years and don’t ever act upon it,” Drogosh said. “A lot of times, money is kind of that deciding factor whether they pursue it or not. So a competition where you can win a good chunk of change is great.”

This is the second time theCo has done the contest. The previous 2014 winners created the product The Lighting Bug, a module you plug into the headlights of your car in case your low beams go out.

Union University student and intern at theCo Ricky Santos said he is working hard on his own business ideas and eventually wants to enter the contest.

“What I’m working on is just my graphic design business,” Santos said. “And I don’t think there is a place for that in “Best of the West,” but if I was going to do something like furniture design, which is other my passion, I could totally see that helping me out there.”

Applying for “The Best in the West” is simple. Anyone can apply, and it is free.

Follow this link to their website to enter or call theCo at 731-554-5555.

The final day to turn in applications is Aug. 31.

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