Paranormal team gives tour of historic Bolivar home

BOLIVAR, Tenn. — Halloween came a little early this year, as people had  a chance to watch a paranormal team conduct an investigation at a historic home.

The home is known to many in Bolivar as The Pillars. Built in 1828, it’s Hardeman County’s first brick home.

A paranormal team from Murfreesboro came out to see if there is any truth in the legends surrounding the home.

Many say the house is well known for being a hospital during the civil war, and president of Hardeman County’s historical society Ken Savage says, that’s when the mysterious legends come in to play.

“We have some definite things on video that you can see,” Savage said.

John McKinney is one of the founders of Stones River Paranormal.

“There’s actually a shadow that’s here on the property, and about every 15 minutes it moves in the same place,” he said.

The team uses security cameras to detect paranormal activity during the investigation.

The team also took also took the group on a tour of the house.

“This room right here actually used to be the slave room of the house,” McKinney said. “And you an tell that because the walls are completely different, and it’s not insulated.”

But whatever you believe, Savage says one thing is for certain.

“It’s got a lot of history,” he said. “Everybody from Davy Crockett to several presidents have stayed here.”

If you missed out this time, more haunted tours of the home will be given in October.