The Tigers brought football action to the Lambuth campus

JACKSON, Tenn. — Stripes was the new black Saturday as the Memphis Tigers were in town, spreading the love at the Lambuth campus.

The Tiger family was in town since Thursday, giving fans a preview of what they can expect to see this upcoming season. Head coach Mike Norvell took time after the scrimmage Saturday to tell us why visiting the Lambuth campus has brought his team closer together.

“The opportunity to come to Lambuth; beautiful campus, great place; it’s been a wonderful week for our guys to grow, grow together, continue to develop those relationships, and to come out to today and to see all of our Tiger fans up here giving their support, cheering on these young men,” said Coach Norvell.

The stands were packed with Tiger fans for the scrimmage today, and Coach Norvell says, even though team communication needs to improve, he noticed some of the younger guys on the team stepping up and elevating their game. All in all, he says, he’s excited about his team this season and to see what the new comers will bring to the table.